Urban Roots

Urban Roots are a community led organisation working across the Southside of Glasgow, helping people learn about food growing, cycling, cooking and other wholesome skills.

” [They] are committed to working with local people on projects that improve the environment and health of the area through a range of activities including community gardening, conservation and biodiversity, and planet friendly living. [Their] work aims to inspire people and communities to connect with nature. “

Urban ROots

Kathy has worked alongside Urban Roots as  a sessional facilitator on a number of projects which have manifested as different community engagement workshops. These began in April 2014 with one of their volunteer groups where Kathy co-facilitated, alongside Laryna Wupperman, the co-design and implementation of raised dye plant beds across a Toryglen site and a Nitshill site and, the subsequent use of the dye plants.

In August 2015 Kathy co-facilitated a healthy eating and textile crafts series with Laryna, called Dining with Dyes,which built on the work that the pair created together during the first community engagements.