Bellahouston Dye Garden

Bellahouston Dye Garden was implemented as part of Colour-Ecology’s first activity at House for an Art Lover, during AiRborne. After a survey and observation of the site and discussions with Glasgow City Council’s Land and Environmental services, Kathy began to design appropriate beds for selection of plants which would yield colours.

9.Dye Gardenrfs

As almost all of the species were new to Kathy it was a wonderful opportunity to experiment. The initial plants grown in 2013 were; Madder, Weld, Woad, Dyer’s Chamomile, Nasturtiam, Borage, Sorrel, Ladie’s Bedstraw, St John’s Wort, Hollyhock, Amaranth, Calendula and Dyer’s Coreopsis.

DYE Garden Bellahouston 2014 updated

The garden took shape with help from a variety of volunteers throughout 2013. Further beds and plants were installed in 2014 with additional support from HAL and Meg Held. The dye garden has been left to explore its wild nature for 2015 and there are plans for re-invigorating it in 2016.

You view see images of the garden at various stages below, select the image to view at a larger scale. With thanks to Heidi Kuisma for contributing photography.

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