Colour-Ecology explores the possibilities that plants can give us for pigment and dye use in Textile Practice. By engaging and connecting people with nature, ColourEcology hopes to encourage, care and nurture for our environment which we rely on for our existence.

What is Colour-Ecology 2015-01

The project was initially funded by Arts Trust Scotland to connect with a variety of people in venues across Glasgow. The project was then supported by House for an Art Lover (HAL) from 06/13-11/13 as part of their Artist in Residence programme and subsequently on a much smaller scale until present.

CE final flyers-02

 Throughout it’s time Colour-Ecology has focused on; the research and teaching of the environmental impact of colour through natural dye workshops, growing of natural dye yielding plants, connecting diverse range of people with nature, [learning and] teaching ecocentric design approaches, organising and promoting events, managing the project budget and a small group of volunteers and, generating a network of interested parties.

The dyes used throughout workshops are usually foraged within and around the city of Glasgow. Now in its third year the project is still developing connections with a variety of organisations and runs an average of ten workshops per year.

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