Silicone Mica

‘Silicone Mica’ is the name Kathy gave to her Undergraduate work submitted as part of her BA(hons) Design: Textiles. Throughout her studies at the Glasgow School of Art she was fascinated by the intersection between art-and-science and Silicone Mica exploits this relationship.



Her primary research captured two geological specimens, Silicone Carbide and Mica. Silicone Carbide, a synthetic compound, provided her with sheer angles and complex geometric structures, while the microscopic cross sections of Mica gave ephemeral textures and saturated colour gradients.

Throughout Kathy’s final year she  combined these two opposing forms and through drawing and collage sought ways to unite them. By applying the colour compositions of Mica to manipulated geometries of Silicone Carbide, the collection developed to form a hybrid mineral ; Silicone Mica.



The techniques used to design from these sources echo this juxtaposition. Due to the importance of reflections and refractions of light in her original source, Kathy chose to focus on materials that would allow light to pass through space or reflect light with a certain ‘iridescence’.

Silicone Mica therefore fused glass structures and knitted fabric with a focus on the interaction of colour. The work produced was intended for interior spaces.



Seating Design

Model for a modular seating plan.

She also experimented fusing knitted fabrics with glass. Although no pieces were completed she generated a large collection of research which was carried out at Verrier Glass studio, WASP’s Hanson St.  Steve Richards who owns Verrier and assisted with the project wrote about it here.

While this research had great potential to become an exciting new body of work, after graduating Kathy chose to follow an ethical intuition. She have moved away from using synthetically dyed yarns and energy intensive processes, and instead focus on the exploration of lower-impact creative practices as seen throughout these pages.

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